Free Infographics about Marine Conservation

Free info graphics about marine conservation and plastic pollution 

Gaining knowledge is the first step to wisdom, sharing it is the first step to humanity. We created these awesome infographics about marine conservation and plastic pollution for you. Feel free to share them with you friends and help us to spread the message.

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Shark Buoyancy

This is for how long sharks exist

How to be an ambassador of the ocean

Noise pollution in the ocean

Info graphic bio magnification

How to be an ambassador of the ocean

Info graphic shark consumption

The value of dead shark and a shark who is alive

Food chain ocean - gili shark conservation

Power of worth of mouth - marine and shark conservation

How to be a buoyancy expert

info graphic sharks vital role to the eco system

How people pursue sharks

Gili Islands etiquette

Comic about sharks and plastic straws

Mating Habits Of Sharks

The Importance Of Coral Reefs

Info graphic About Micro Beads

Avoid Single-Use Plastic

Info graphic Trash Breakdown

Average Plastic Consumption Per Person Per Year







Life Cycle of Plastic


Infographic why you shouldn't feed fish.

Effect Of Climate Changes On Coral Reef Ecosystem

Infographic about Coral Reefs

How much impact has your toothbrush on the environment.

Learn how long it takes for plastic, aluminium and styrofoam to biodegrade in water

stop sucking - say no to straws

Statistics about sharks

Code of Conduct With Sharks

Facts About The Ocean

Get To Know Your Sharks

Life Cycle of a Turtle

Code of Conduct for Rays