Dive Against Debris, the first and only marine debris survey of its kind

Dive Against Debris, the first and only marine debris survey of its kind Did you know that marine debris can be found 10 years later more than 10.000 km away from its country of origin? And that millions of marine animals each year are trapped, killed or injured because of ...
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An Update about our PlasticFreeParadise Campaign

** Conservation Classes ** We started to give conservation classes on the primary school of Gili Air. Every Saturday at 7.30 AM we make our way to the school and teach 50 children (!) about the wonderful world of conservation. And there is more; together with the children we started ...
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Why I Loved Diving around the Gili Islands

When I first started to plan my trip to join the research team of the Gili Shark Conservation project, I was excited to dive frequently with sharks and learn more about these amazing creatures and the measures needed to conserve them. However, nothing prepared me for the beauty of the ...
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Why Everyone Should Watch the Documentary Chasing Coral

If you know anyone who doesn’t believe that we humans have an effect on the oceans, just tell them to watch Chasing Coral. When this breath taking documentary was released in 2017 we held a premiere showing at 3W dive shop on Gili Air in Indonesia. Divers, dive instructors, and ...
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The Day Were we Found a Dead White Tip Shark

Rose suddenly came to me and said “Andre, do you want a white tip shark?” I was a little bit confused, did the director of the Gili Shark Conservation Project just offered me a shark dish? Luckily the answer was no. It turned out that her friends from Gili Eco ...
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How I Figured out that Studying Marine Biology was the Right Choice for Me.

Before coming to Gili Air, I had never traveled near as far away from home before. I’ve traveled outside of the United States before but always with a large group of people and never for more than a week or two. I guess you could say coming alone to a ...
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How the Gili Shark Conservation Project Gave me Hope

Imagine waking up to mountainous landscapes with the wind gently blowing as your boat cuts through the clearest ocean waters you have ever seen. Imagine doing this everyday with the knowledge that in just a few moments, you’ll be swimming alongside Moorish idols, green sea turtles, schools of snappers and ...
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Our trip to the Tanjung Luar Fish Market in Lombok, Indonesia

Recently the Gili Shark Conservation team went on a trip in Tanjung Luar fish market in East Lombok. An experience we each dreaded but one we knew had to happen so we could have a clearer idea of the war we are fighting in protecting sharks and what we are ...
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What Happens With all the Data we Collect?

We often get the question: what do we do with all the data we collect. Well I am here to tell you! We go on 8 dives a week .... and you would be amazed how many things we do on those dives; no day is the same. So, to start ...
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From the Classroom in Canada to a Small Island In Indonesia

I have to admit starting this, this type of writing isn’t exactly my forte, (I never even kept a childhood diary). I find myself way more comfortable in the world of scientific papers; theory, statistics, methods, and results. I have found myself on the little slice of paradise known as ...
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