Volunteering with the Gili Shark Conservation Project In Indonesia

Shark Warrior In The Spotlight: Tess Reid

From doodling during lectures to creating inspirational designs and sustainable merchandise, we caught up with Tess Reid this month to learn about what she has been up to after her time with the Gili Shark Conservation project. With her passion for art and design combined with her enthusiasm for conservation efforts, Tess found a way to combine both and created the incredible ‘Species Speak’ Who could imagine that creating a few quirky doodles during lectures […]

A blog about why not all sharks are scary

Scream Your Heart Out: Sharks Aren’t All Like in JAWS

Lots of people in this beautiful world think that sharks are scary! Blood-thirsty, raw blooded killers, on a mission to human-hunt! They’re big, fast and scary and have thousands upon thousands of teeth! They lurk in the dark, murky waters, waiting to attack! You are wrong. Scream your heart out, because sharks are not all like in JAWS. This fascinating family of fish has a lot more going on than Hollywood let on in that […]

Cover blog - coral reefs will save the day

Coral Reefs Will Save the Day: Here’s Why They’re Important

All divers will tell you how beautiful coral reefs are. They’re like the cities under the ocean, home to hundreds of fish and wonderful creatures! Their value lies far beyond their beauty and the pleasure it brings to those who explore it. Coral reefs are fundamental for many reasons. From protecting our land to providing us with food, all the way to putting money in our pockets. Money, money, money Many coral reefs are the […]

Sharkie News - We found a coral cat shark around the Gili Islands

We Found a Coral Cat Shark!

2nd of November 2019Recently, with our lovely friends at Oceans5 Dive, we found a dead Coral cat shark. While diving around the beautiful Gili Islands, we stumbled across this poor creature. The shark was brought back to land for further inspection, so we could analyze how it ended up in such a state.  Our Lead Scientist, Andre, had a close look at the little creature. She had a lot of bruising and marks around her […]


Bali’s New Conservation Area

Too often we are feeling the doom and gloom of news in the world of conservation, but it’s not all bad news! A local success story, Bali’s Benoa Bay has been declared a conservation area to protect it from reclamation. Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Minister confirmed the decision last week, which has meant a reclamation project in the bay area has ended, This is following years of negative commentary from the public. The decision was […]