Are whitetip reef sharks dangerous? You find the answer here.

FAQ White Tip Reef Sharks

  The Gili Islands are special for countless reasons however one of the most special ones is that they play host to a Whitetip reef shark nursery. This means that consistently for decade’s whitetip reef sharks have used the coral reefs surrounding the Gili islands to have their pups. The pups live under rocks and in caves for protection until they are big enough to go off and explore the ocean. We wanted to answer […]

The Most Frequently Asked Questions ABout Turtle Nests

FAQ Turtle Nests

On the Gili Islands, we are lucky enough to have a wonderful population of both green sea turtles and hawksbill sea turtles. Both species and endangered, in fact hawksbill sea turtles and critically endangered and we want to make sure that these beautiful creatures are protected through their whole life cycle. Every year pregnant females make their way to our beaches to lay eggs which is a magical event to whiteness and beautiful journey to […]

The Story Of How I Became A Professional Marine Scientist

Shark Warrior In The Spotlight: Fernando Melendez

Over the past five years we have hosted hundreds of participants from all over the globe and we are so proud to say that many have gone on to pursue a career in conservation and marine science. Last week we caught up with Fernando Melendez who participated with us back in 2017 and has since flourished magnificently and accomplished his dream of becoming a professional marine scientist. Every Day I Visited The Reef, I Saw […]

How To Use Your Business To Inspire Others

Shark Warrior In The Spotlight: Tess Reid

From doodling during lectures to creating inspirational designs and sustainable merchandise, we caught up with Tess Reid this month to learn about what she has been up to after her time with the Gili Shark Conservation project. With her passion for art and design combined with her enthusiasm for conservation efforts, Tess found a way to combine both and created the incredible ‘Species Speak’ Who could imagine that creating a few quirky doodles during lectures […]