1 month down, 2 to go! – by Kelsey

After one month being at the project, I’ve done my rescue diver training and now I’m doing my Dive Master Training course. There are many things involved in the course but it’s basically broken into three sections:   Firstly we have the theoretical part, which includes the Dive Guide theory and the Science of Diving theory. Both of which are completed using an online training system as well as workshops with my mentors.   Secondly we have the Watermanship challenges. With this section we have to prove our swimming skills. A Dive Master needs to be water fit and we prove this with a few in water training exams including an 800m surface swim, a 50m underwater swim, 15 minutes of treading water, as well as rescue tows and snorkeling skills.   Thirdly, we have to assist an instructor while they are teaching people how to dive. It can be for a discovery scuba dive (known as a DSD to the professional world), and Open Water Diver course, or even an Advanced Open Water Diver course. For me this is the most interesting part of the course because you’re directly involved in other people’s training while you’re learning from you’re mentoring instructor as well. It’s also the most enjoyable part of the course because you’re also diving in the beautiful water of the Gili’s. Yesterday I encountered a beautiful juvenile blue triggerfish! It reminds me of Keith Harring art and this little guy was so colourful. I may have disturbed it during it’s lunch time… but so far I think this is the most beautiful fish I’ve seen.