The Little Things – by Lucy

There are tons of reasons why people come to the Gili Islands whether it be for the beaches or the diving, but what people often don’t think about is the culture here on Gili Air. It is such a tight knit community comprised of people from all around the world. At Villa Nangka, the project’s homestay, they have the sweetest local staff. I have built relationships with them that I know I will keep for the rest of my life. All of the locals here have strong community values and are always willing to help. My roommate and I were feeling sick one night and they were the first ones at the door with any herbal remedies that they could find. You are able to build these incredible relationships with the locals here where they truly care for you and would give you anything even when they come from such a simplistic way of living.   The boat crew at Gili Islands Divers are people who have taken me in as part of their family. They are the most open hearted people you will ever meet, inviting you to their homes with their wives and kids to cook you dinner and give you a place to stay. One of the nights I will never forget was taking the boat to Lombok to stay at one of their homes with a few other shark warriors and we ate a traditional Indonesian meal at their home. Afterwards we had a bonfire on the beach and talked for hours about the simplest things and how grateful we are to have what we do. The next day he took us to one of the waterfalls close by. He wanted nothing but to show us around and see the beauty of his own country.   By Lucy, 20, California