Back to the Project – by Dimitri

After 6 intense weeks, I have finally reached one of my dreams : being a divemaster! It is a big step from recreational to professional diver and I’ve learned much more than I expected. I now am able to solve all kinds of problems under water from the loss of your mask to a small panic situation. Although it is important to remain humble because being a divemaster doesn’t mean you know everything about diving, your knowledge is just bigger but I still learn everyday from other divers. Furthermore I won’t go on an unknown dive site alone just because I’m a divemaster because firstly, nature is unpredictable and secondly, diving is a team sport so it’s less fun ! Anyway now I’m back at the project and ready to guide, with the other DM, the new research divers for the survey dive with our brand new dive center Oceans 5 Dive Resort! Apart from the scientific aspect of the project, composed by survey diving and data entering, we also have the social aspect which is very important for me. We try to establish a relationship with everybody on the island by doing quiz nights, recycling workshops, beach and underwater clean ups, and so much more. For example last Saturday we organized the quiz night and had really good fun with the locals and in the same time we were sharing our knowledge about marine life and shark biology! Looking forward to the coming weeks!!!   By Dimitri, 19, Switzerland