Gili Matra Marine Park

Did you know that Gili Islands are actually classed as a Marine Protected Area (MPA)?

Not many people are aware that the Gili Islands are actually classed as a Marine Protected Area (MPA) called the Gili Matra Marine Park. Part of this is due to the fact that this map is hard to come by at the moment. So here you go, feel free to save and share this image and help us to create more awareness. 

So what is a Marine Protected Area?

They go by many names such as marine parks, aquatic parks, marine reserves. Basically anything that sounds like it offers some protection from fishing and other extractive industries like mining or oil drilling. Currently roughly 3% of the world’s oceans are protected in some way.

What do Marine Protected Areas do?

Well that depends on zoning, as you can see from the Gili Matra Marine Park map that there are different zones within the MPA. These zones allow some activities and not others. For example the Red zone allows no fishing, diving or snorkeling. This is a true no take zone. The Green zones allow diving and other recreational activities but no fishing. Blue areas are specialized for the harbours and so on.

How old is the Gili Matra Marine Park and how big is it?

The Gili Matra Marine Park covers roughly 30km2 as it actually covers the land too. It was created in early 1993. In this time the popularity of the Islands has skyrocketed and a whole diving industry has emerged. It was set up by the State Ministry of Demography and Environment which as seen many changes since and has merged with many other departments making the Ministry of Environment and Forestry.

What does the Gili Shark Conservation Project do to protect the MPA?

With the abundance data we collect we want to proof that the reefs surrounding the Gili Islands in Indonesia are a shark nursery area. In 2019 the government will review the Gili Matra Marine Park and we would love to see that they will create the first official shark nursery around the Gili Islands.