On One Breath – by Nico


Special post from shark warrior and newly certified Free diver, Nico. Today I concluded my Freediving or Apnea training. This sport is very interesting, as the main thing to do is hold your breath, the one thing you certainly do not have to do while SCUBA diving. The training started yesterday morning. I had an […]

Wednesday, June 22nd 2016

It has been a training week at the Gili Shark Conservation project. One of our warriors left us last week and we quickly welcomed our next research diver to the Gili shark team. We will miss you Chris!!! Thanks for all your hard work! And WELCOME DEVIN! a few days and you’re already finding your place […]

Thursday, June 16th 2016

I don’t like to throw the word Epic around casually, but today was EPIC in the Gilis.   i am a novice diver to say the least, with only 20 on my resume.   However, I was fortunate enough today to dive with Lauren (Marine Biologist) and Rose (Dive Master), who have thousands of dives […]

Saturday June 11th 2016


Weekly Recap by Nico (Age 19 – Argentina – Research Diver) Days start early in the morning and after some breakfast and meditation I usually go on the bike to the dive shop and get my equipment ready for the survey dives. The tides have been high for over a week or so, and we […]

Tuesday June 7th 2016


          Our first dive was at Jack point! Jack point, as always, was amazing for fish. We saw 2 white tip reef sharks (Triaenodon Obesus), 2 blue sported sting rays (Neotrygon Kuhlii), and many indicator species! After the first 10 minutes the front of the slate was full! For the second […]

Wednesday June 1st, 2016


It was an action packed day at the project today. We did 2 dives and focused on our photo ID program. After a quick breakfast the team headed to Gili Islands Divers for a double dive at Manta Point and Turtle Heaven. There has been a lot of wave action coming in from the south […]

Tuesday, May 31st 2016

The nice part about living on such a small island in Indonesia is having some local animal interactions. Here on the island there are no motor vehicles. You ride a bike or walk to get around the island. You do have the option of a horse draw carriage to get around the island, but the […]

Thursday May 26th 2016


We entered a lot of data today! After some breakfast at the project headquarters I headed to Gili Islands Divers for the survey dive. We went to Bounty Wreck on the South –Western part of Gili Meno, only a 15 minute boat ride. There was a little wave action on the surface and when we […]