Founded by three ocean lovers, who found each other on the beautiful island of Gili Air, the Gili Shark Conservation is a project filled with passion and engagement for the ocean and it’s marine life.

Our mission is to promote shark conservation efforts through education and research while collecting abundance data from around the three Gili Islands to build a case strong enough to propose to the government to make the Gili Matra Marine Reserve the first recognized shark nursery ground in Indonesia.

To achieve this, we are gathering scientific data to prove that this area is in fact a shark nursery. We have two years to gather this data before the policy makers reconvene and reexamine the parameters of the Gili Matra Marine Reserve.  We have multiple projects that work towards this goal including underwater video surveillance, roving survey dives, photographic identification, and time lapse projects.

Besides spending a lot of time in the magical underwater world, we also love to be in the field and give back to the wonderful community of Gili Air by running a Plastic Free Paradise campaign to create awareness and reduce the use of single-use-plastic.



We provide the data and science that proves that a part of the Gili Matra Reserve is a shark nursery. We also source our data out to multiple local and international organizations and researchers to help combat data deficiency. Scientists still do not know a lot about the population dynamics and health of many species of sharks.

Our data is helping to inform organizations like Shark-Base and eOceans to have an impact on shark conservation globally. We are creating an open access abundance data base available free to anyone who asks. Getting this information to more people will help us in our fight to save the sharks of Indonesia. Because we believe a strong community of different individuals can make a bigger impact on marine protection than a single organization.


We are always looking for enthusiastic people who want to live  in paradise and make a difference during their holiday. Help the sharks and the community of Gili Air by giving your time and love. You don’t need to be a shark expert or a diver to join our project, however a passion and commitment to shark conservation is important. We appreciate all the unique skills that you can bring to our project and welcome people of every corner of the globe. Click here to directly apply for a spot in our research team.


Learn about sharks and marine life and educate your friends and family! Sharks are threatened in large part because people believe they are voracious predators. We know this is not the case. Without sharks in our ocean less people will come diving, people will lose their jobs, other species of fish will die out and our coral reefs will become unhealthy. Unhealthy reefs and less fish could mean no diving, no fishing and eventually no us.

  • Support laws protecting sharks and banning shark finning.
  • Support our shark research and conservation organization by getting involved. The more we learn about sharks, the more we learn about their importance.
  • Scuba dive with sharks responsibly and help to educate other divers on their importance.
  • Do not eat or purchase shark products such as shark fin soup, shark leather, or jewellery.

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