About us


We host participants from all over the globe that help our research team to promote shark conservation and conduct citizen scientific research. Our mission is to create a research and education station in Indonesia where people from around the world can make a difference during their holiday.

We conduct marine research for effective marine management worldwide and we do this by partnering up with multiple local and international organizations and researchers. The more we share, the more we have. That’s why our data sets are available for free to anyone in the world.


With the abundance data we collect we want to prove that the reefs surrounding the Gili Islands in Indonesia are a shark nursery area. In 2019 the government will review the Gili Matra Marine Park and we would love to see that they will create the first official shark nursery around the Gili Islands.


Sharks are important for many reasons:

  • One is that some species are apex predators – this means that they have no natural predators and are at the top of the food chain. These species keep other species in check, and their removal could have drastic impacts on our ecosystem. Removal of sharks would cause an overall decline in many species of fish.
  • Sharks can keep fish stocks healthy. They can feed on weak, unhealthy fish, which lessens the chance that disease can spread through fish populations.
  • Each individual reef shark contributes as much as 27 BILLION IDR to our community over it’s lifetime, imagine the impact on this community if there were no more sharks…


We are always looking for enthusiastic people who want to live  in paradise and make a difference during their holiday. Help the sharks and the community of Gili Air by giving your time and love. You don’t need to be a shark expert or a diver to join our project, however a passion and commitment to shark conservation is important. We appreciate all the unique skills that you can bring to our project and welcome people of every corner of the globe. Click here to directly apply for a spot in our research team.

What else can you do? Learn about sharks and educate your friends and family! Sharks are threatened in large part because people believe they are voracious predators. We know this is not the case. Without sharks in our ocean less people will come diving, people will lose their jobs, other species of fish will die out and our coral reefs will become unhealthy. Unhealthy reefs and less fish could mean no diving, no fishing and eventually no us.

  • Support laws protecting sharks and banning shark finning.
  • Support our shark research and conservation organization by getting involved. The more we learn about sharks, the more we learn about their importance.
  • Scuba dive with sharks responsibly and help to educate other divers on their importance.
  • Do not eat or purchase shark products such as shark fin soup, shark leather, or jewellery.